Commercial services:

Consultation for businesses – whether you don’t know where to start or already have ideas, together we can achieve to perfect look for your workspace. Design and planning, within your budget.
indoor wilding – create greenspace for a productive and enhancing experience for your customers and employees.
regular maintenance –
is something often over looked. Ongoing care, is more than just watering. It includes pest management, repotting, fertilizer and more! 
Veranda treatments – does your patio space need sprucing up? Limited outdoor services are available. Ask for more information!

Residential Services:

Consulting – don’t know where to begin or just getting started? Hourly consultation is available.
Interior enhancements – looking to make use of that empty window space or just add a splash of green? Together we can go the distance!
Care coaching – trouble with a little green friend? Pests, over watering, lighting issues, and other problems can often be the culprit.
Plant swaps – See something you like, perhaps you have something Bronwyn wants too! It never hurts to ask.

Plant Sales:

Online and local, giveaways, and pop-up sales, cultivated from the best of Bronwyn’s botanical collection. Collect them all!