About Me...

Botanic Bliss

Hi there, thanks so much for joining me.  I am a rare plant collector and long time enthusiast.  I particularly enjoy the ficus and calathea and philodendron varieties.  But, have been exploring other varieties as well.  I have been collecting and cultivating my indoor garden for many years and started documenting my experiences through Instagram @GreenGoddessBotanic and love participating in plant swaps, markets, and other community activities that involve green space.  I recently began coaching others on caring and maintenance, and when Culmination Brewing reached out to have me help create Social Distancing using green space, as well as making their space inviting, it was a sign that I was ready to create a business doing what I love.  

I often will take cuttings from my Private Collection, and other varieties that I cultivate for sale.  Be sure to reach out with any questions.  I love talking shop with my planty people in our plant community.  Follow me and Subscribe to learn how to grow our green friends, and make the world more beautiful!