In early 2019, the Green Goddesss Bontanic emerged…

After years of cultivating an extensive collection of rare and exotic plants. Her knowledge and passion fueled her collection as well as her Instagram presence, sharing her experience. Inspiring plant friends abroad her influence slowly became a brand, 400 plants and 2 small greenhouses later Browyn launched her brand as a business in 2019. 


The Green Goddess Botanic is based in Portland, Oregon where green friends thrive. Let her introduce you to your next favorite plant!

“Suspendisse lectus lorem, varius vel dapibus a, vestibulum a eros. Sed sed magna in neque commodo pretium.”

Those were the mystical words that entangled a plant loving red-head as she stumbled into the elders of the forest. They beheld her rapturous beauty and made her the Green Goddess Botanic. Friend and nurturer of plants everywhere!

“Stay planty people!”

- The Green Goddess Botanic

…a love, a bloom, a plant for everyone


to explore strange new plants. To seek out new plant stores and new soil amendments. To boldly plant where no one has planted before!


to bring interior wilding to every space in the world!